BD™ TTM Solution

For those committed to providing every appropriate patient the intervention they deserve.

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Temperature management

Our temperature management system offers a way to control temperature within a narrow range for all appropriate patients.

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Non-invasive delivery

With patented hydrogel technology, our gel pads offer a non-invasive solution that achieves precise core temperature control for neonates through adults.

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Product training

Our product training program focuses on supporting the successful implementation and ongoing sustainability of your TTM program.

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Data analytics

Our full BD™ TTM solution helps you access and analyze case data to make data-driven decision about your TTM program.

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About BD™ TTM Solution

A successful TTM program requires more than technology.

The BD™ TTM Solution provides your team the confidence to implement a sustainable and scalable TTM program. Our ongoing clinical and operational support, through analytics and product training together with the technology of our TTM system and gel pads, are designed to help you deliver timely TTM for all appropriate patients.

Have an urgent technical question about the Arctic Sun™ Stat Temperature Management System while treating patients?
Call our 24/7 urgent clinical support helpline at 866-840-9776 anytime, day or night.

Please note: We can't provide medical or nursing advice or prescribe treatment. For non-urgent matters, call 844-823-5433, or email

Intervention they deserve

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